A product like AI RoboForm form filler and password keeper

I vote for it.

You can just use Opera or Firefox with some plugins. AI RoboForm is just for browsers right?


RoboForm is just for browsers, and I have it. The problem is that the free trial ran out a few months ago… :cry:

May iVault could have a toolbar like RoboForm…

You can do that with Keepass, and of course, store any username and password you wish. I use it for everything!

All I got to do is to place the mouse over the username field and it will automatically fill both username and password and then enter. I use it for the foruns where I go, e-mail accounts, applications passwords, etc.

It is open sourced and free.

Give it a try.

Of course, that if Comodo would come out with something like that, then I would support Comodo :wink:

Hmm intresting…
I think i will try that.
Thanks for the info!


I will make some screenshots to give an idea on how to work with it. It’s easy to work with, but that way you will know how to start without having to go through all the help support in the application. That is, if you want to.

That program has even a portable version that’s a big plus to me.
I think I can figure out how to use it :stuck_out_tongue:


Does Keepass work with Firefox?

IE, Firefox and Opera. Can’t say about others, as I do not have them.

All I need is Opera :smiley:


Opera only here… (I deleted Internet Explorer (:LGH))


lol really? Seriously? :slight_smile:
You know that deleting IE is kind of stupid? Some programs need IE to work and it’s not that big security risk if you don’t use it. :wink:


Is Keepass easy for using like RoboForm ?
I am using RoboForm now. Unfortunally it does not cooperate with Opera.
Some months ago I ineffectively tried to use Keepass.

Would love a secure password program manager like Keepass (:LOV)

I would like to see Dragon simply integrate with Roboform, which I use across browsers (including Opera, despite earlier comment above).