A product excatly like CIS, expect it functions. Also a removal tool!

Im sure the geek buddies are working feverishly at a solution but i just want back the product I used and loved. Began with v.5 but now at v 8.2 and its crashing (as MANY users on the forum are experiencing) flat lined really I cannot recover it. Perhaps a competitor has developed a virus that disables your platform and to which only they have the fix >:-D naw thats just crazy.

In all seriousness though you MUST develop a removal tool for those of us in these situations to be able to cleanly remove to reinstall without the fuss and rather less effective “unofficial” method developed by some great and helpful folks. It would help to bring our irritation down resulting in better customer service. An added BONUS would be for it to also work as a removal tool for other programs like Revo but better. If your already taking out and removing programs like malware/viruses this can’t be a stretch.

Please stop trying to sneak in your products as add-on’s to valid updates (like privdog, geekbuddy, dragon, chromodo…). Please. I should be able to click except with trust in you and not have to comb the fine print with heightened paranoia about “what are they sneaking in this time”?

Thank you COMODO

Those add-ons are opt-out if you desire, and not bloat.
I personally disable GeekBuddy service, and use Chromodo as my browser of choice. Privdog is a browser plugin, and Dragon is a separate DL if you want that browser (same as Ice Dragon).
Since most people use Chrome (Browser statistics, November 2015), Chromodo is Comodo’s (secure) flavour of this popular browser.
Nothing has been hidden or sneaked in without your knowledge (unless you don’t know how to read).
This may be your opinion, but the posting is more of a rant, and I for one, look forward to Comodo continuing to provide Chromodo with CIS.
Learning how to use your software (including installers) might be something you wish to consider.

A reply is neither warranted, nor requested.

If CIS is crashing it’s because there is a problem with your Windows installation (and the same goes for others on the forum). CIS v8.2 has been running superbly on my Windows 10 OS for months. CIS v8 works, if it’s not working for you then you have a problem. I’d suggest you perform a clean reinstall of Windows and CIS.

I also disable those components I don’t want nor use, it’s no big deal. To give away a product of CIS’s complexity and usefulness for FREE is worth a littke customisation to disable or remove those bits you don’t want.