A problem in web filtering

When i set blocked sites rule to “ask” the browser shows a warning like the one in the attached pic.
The problem is that this warning does not always show.Sometimes the page shows nothing or shows an error.
For example i created a rule to block “yahoo”.When i go to the site it shows an empty page and when I stop the page and refresh it several times it shows the comodo warning.

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Something wrong with web filtering. I have also tried to block a direct link to executable file- it doesn’t block at all… I have see in youtube that comodo web filter has this option- blocking executebles.I don’t see it latest version…I think that current web filter is not before browser, it just after it. So dangerous scripts on blocked site are executed inside your browser(if they are allowed by default) , after that you might see the blocking warning from comodo.From security point of view it is very bad…Web filter should be working before browser.Like a transparent proxy.

P.s. I have blocked by default all scripts in browser with NoScript, so the warning from comodo is unreadable.The bug report was created…https://forums.comodo.com/bug-reports-cis/web-filter-unable-to-see-propertly-comodo-warning-on-restricted-site-t103377.0.html

be happy … if i turn webfiltering on every site takes 15 minutes to load!
this webfilter is not a product it is trash
when i turn the webfilter off every site reloads in under 3 seconds
if i turn the webfilter on again 15 minutes to load any site
web filter off again every site arrives in below 3 seconds
the rules i use a are the comodo standart rules, later also added exeptions to test it it is the rule or the whole crapfilter … and it is the filter which makes problems the rules do not realy matter
maybe some one should explain how this ■■■■ works??
has it to do with hosts file? … if so just to say so i have my own etc/hosts
or has it the same mechanism as netgear genie parental control with openDns stuff?
or does it clash with aviras deactivated webfilter?

how ever it is not a working product
and turning off the webfilter is not solving all the other problems caused by the new FW
like freezing the system after time, slowing system startup time dramaticaly, crashing without errors, forgeting rules, basicaly just trashing a funktional system to the point where you uninstall the FV and defense and webfilter