A port blocked by Comodo using Predefined Firewall Policie in web browser.

I have Firefox and Internet Explorer configured to use Web Browser (the predefined firewall policie) for internet connections.

When I use yahoo (‘es.yahoo.com’), to read my email for example, the logs that Comodo Internet Security 3.8…471 create, show that it blocks port 843 TCP.

This happens too with another webpage (I dont recall which one).

I’ve looked at the predefined firewall policie for web browser and yes, with the rules set their, it blocks that port (843 TCP).

My question would be, shouldnt the predefined firewall policie for web browser be changed to accept port 843 TCP?

I mean, I dont know why yahoo needs that port, but I dont believe yahoo is dangerous and if it uses it, is because it needs it.

Just curious. If someone tells me why it uses this port even better.


Hey. i Google your problem “port 843 yahoo using” and the only sensible match i came up with was something about Adobe’s new flash socket policy. (Adobe’s new Flash socket policy rules | Paul's Flex Bits (and stuff)). Of course, i am not sure if this is why yahoo’s using this port but its a good guess.

A bit of info: NO port is bad (or good). The only thing that is bad or good is the program using it. If a Trusted program decided to use 12345(a famous trojan horse port) then so be it… so it dosent really matter if you manually add this port. Similarly ive added 81,82 to my HTTP ports coz some sites i frequent use them. Its ok to do so.

The only concern is when ports are open and in a listening state (this never happens with any firewall(hardware or software), unless youve manually added the port to a open state or its in UPNP mode)

too much info in my post?? - just add your port to the http list and you’ll be fine. thumbs up

I think that your good guess is the right one. After reading it, I went to yahoo and yes, yahoo uses Adobe flash for publicity and this is when it uses port 843 TCP.

I may be wrong but wouldnt it be a good idea to add this port to HTTP Ports as a default. As I see it, many webpages uses Adobe flash.

Awaiting reply and thanks [slangen].

no problem playa. (:NRD)

just add the rule/port yourself. its easier. ;D CIS is interesting that way. It gets you started on the right track and you can take it up from there. too many default settings scare off the newbies…

I learnt some amazing things just by using CIS. Eg. i can, with a few rules of course turn cis from a hips to a behavioural blocker … and a very powerfull one at that and other stuff.