a popup that reminds you to turn ON CIS !

It would be nice to have a pop up every ~3 minutes that reminds you to turn on antivirus, firewall and/or defense+ when those are disabled.
The posibility to turn off that warning could be great too :slight_smile:

I disabled antivirus on friday and today I realised that it was still disabled!! XD

CIS rocks, keep up the hard work! Thank you! :smiley: O0

It would need to have a disable/never show again option, because I have the AV off all the time. (And Want to.)

This has been asked for in past posts and hopefully something will be applied in v4.0 when it comes out. In the meantime you can turn on warnings for firewall and antivirus in the Windows Security Center. Of course, this is provided you are using the wonderful Windows Operating System! :wink:

Talked about extensively here.

I ve disabled security center service. Ill wait for v4 to be released. :smiley:


Similar was asked many times previously, even for Comodo Fw (before CIS was in beta stage). Taking into account this, v4 may still NOT have this feature :-\

Iā€™m not sure if it will, but there has to be a first. :slight_smile: