A podcast interview with me...

this is an interesting topic that i had the chance of being part of. Pls go ahead and listen to it and let me know your thoughts on the subject.

That’s really good, Melih! You’re personality on these forums really matches your voice in real life. You sound extremely determined, Committed, Energetic and healthy too.

I like the fact you look into “long term” observations, etc and don’t expect things to happen over night, Unlike some Companies who only want $$. I would say Trust would be the key word in that interview to be honest… And that’s what Comodo is all about. Anyway EV SSL Certificate sounds promising to consumers and online business and looks to be a great new Innovation over the old SSL Certificates. Understanding that topic if I owned a company & Had a website for products I will turn towards Comodo & invest in the SSL’s. (I am studying Business Studies for Year 11 next year in School and plan to own a business one way or another!).

I have a question though. Will EV SSL Certificate be replaced with the old SSL? Or will both be kept? It seems EV Certificates sounds more “promising” and profitable for Comodo.

You made some excellent points and summaries Melih. The future looks bright! :slight_smile:


Thanks Josh

to answer your question: EV SSL is the main choice of SSL mainly for e-commerce cos its about getting your potential customers to trust you. Legacy SSL does still have a role to play in non-customer facing situations (like email encryption etc).


Interesting! I always thought to get those “Padlocks” you had to be a “Good Guy” So this is very good to know! I myself very rarely buy online. Now I know what you sound like and you sound like your know what you want.

That’s understandable now.

Keep up the gr8 work.


being a little… !ot!
was that an english accent? i heard the word “bloody” so…


Yes. Melih is Turkish British :). (Looks like the other old interview clip is now gone)

Good interview again :-TU

oh. ok. (R)