a o l.

Anybody got any ideas with this problem. On my A.O.L sign on screen it says no firewall is present but in my task bar for Comodo it says all systems are up and running and it seems to be working fine.
Many thanks.

Hi Malbarbara,

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Firstly what comodo product do you have!!

Hi malbarbara,

Sorry should have added this in my last post, what A.O.L product are u using!

Sorry read your post wrong.OOOPS

If comodo firewall is displaying all systems r up an running, then u should b protected.

Many other software producers often don’t recognise there competitors products, especially one as good as comodo’s firewall.

Hope this helps you.


Hi malbarbara,

Another way to check if your firewall is functioning(doing its job) is to use the free hackerguardian scan, on the main screen of CFP, underneath the heading Computer Security Level click on;

Test your current security configuration.

Another handy tool to use from comodo! ;D


Just thought I’d stick my tw pence in here… I also Use AOL 9. Aol only detects a very small amount of firewall software. It doesn’t even detect that it’s own freely provided McAfee Firewall (Which is about 5 years old and has never been updated) but even that doesn’t show up on AOL as detected. outpost doesn’t either. Comodo is installed and is working properly… Just look at the Comodo Firewall Logs…