A Noobs first post [Resolved]

Hi everyone, let me first state that i am a new convert to the Comodo cause and have installed the firewall, virus and i vault software and i’m well chuffed…keep up the great work.
Can someone tell me wether i should have kept the emails with the order numbers and codes? because i have deleted them by mistake from my inbox. If i have to downlaod the software again, in the case of a rebuild, will i have to go through the registering procedure again or are all my details stored somewhere.

Oh, just one more thing, can the comodo verification engine be installed with the latest version of windows explorer (will it conflict with the anti phishing device now present in version 7?)

Thanks. (S)


Welcome to the Comodo Support Forums, and happy holidays :D.

You do not need to keep the Order Number or License Code, because Comodo is free if you need to install it again you can simply apply for a new license, also each license code will only work for a certain amount of time, when you receive a license code it will activate the Comodo product for life, but the code itself will only work for a few days, after that the license code cannot activate that product anymore so it makes keeping it useless (the key will simply not activate any more products but the products it has activated will stay activated), they do this to make room for new license keys, and they continue to do this will all of the new licenses.

As for Verification Engine, it is fully compatible with IE7 ;).


Thanks Justin for your quick reply and for your reassurance about the Verification Engine. I’m off to downlaod it now. :BNC


My pleasure Bader40 :D, once again welcome to the forums, and enjoy your free Comodo Desktop Security products :).

P.S. I am marking this topic as resolved.