A new V.E (kind of)

Melih Can you please check this out and see if it’s ok to add this programme while having V.E as well (firefox) and tell me what you think and if it’s even worth the bother http://securebrowsing.finjan.com/index.html

what aspects of this?


Ok well in a word is it a worthwhile add on to V.E?

this is a very similar functionality to site advisor. we have it scheduled for VE, but not sure if we will have this in the short term though.

VE has the ability to tell you if the site is validated or not when you go there and we will have CPF v3 and our anti malware against any nasty website. This way we will provide the full protection you need.


So both V.E and finjin can run ok together for now what it says it does is, it has real time scanning of pages but only supports… Q: What domains does the Finjan SecureBrowsing rating system support?

A: The current version of Finjan SecureBrowsing supports the following domains:

* Search Engines: Google, Yahoo, Live (msn)
* Advertising systems: Google Adsense
* Online email applications (AJAX-based): Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail
* Popular Websites: MySpace, Digg, Slashdot, Blogger

I prefer your way ie the V.E way of doing things but I hope you can add the real time bit into your world class product

Does it simply do a AV/antispwyare scanning on the link and then marks it if its ok? is that all it does?


Say if you look for something on google or yahoo, when you get to the results page to the left of the links a green tick or a yellow icon or a red cross comes up. Red means there could be bad code running on that web page, yellow means they have not checked it yet and green means it’s fine. The only down side is it takes a extra 10 to 15 seconds for it to be checked you can still click on the link but of course you wont know if it’s safe or not overall it’s good to have and it does a totally different job then your V.E, V.E checks a site is ligit, finjin checks if the code on the site is legit, the big plus about yours is it does not slow your browing while finjin does, on reflection have both (I have.) After all that the answer to your question is yep that’s all it does but have a real time bit which is quite nice

hmm… we’ll see how we can come up with something quicker than our schedule…
keep your fingers crossed :slight_smile:


Thanks but no rush, hopefully it will be a real time scanning V.E keep up the great work you (and your team) are doing god bless