A new service to secure the wireless world

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Please add me to the list!


Add me also

Chris, you’ll need to have a registered account here in order for anyone to contact you.

I’d like to try too please.


Ok I send an invitation to everyone so far. Pls make sure you received it. Also each person will get to invite another 5 if you wanted to do so, you are welcome to share it with your friends/family.

look forward to your feedback.

I havnt received, Melih. ???

I would like to try it!

likewise …

Should we have a dedicated thread for feedback and keep this one for invites?

I think I want to try this also. Please invite me.

We only rarely need to access the internet wirelessly away from home. It would be great if you could add me to this list as soon as possible. We’re heading over to Scarborough and will want to use our laptop at the hotel and this would be a great service to ensure we’re protected. Thanks in advance.

Melih send me an iinvite I´d like to give it a try



Yes i think so… good idea…

so far I sent the request to everyone, including to people who has not (for whatever reason) not received in the first attempt.

I have used your email addresses you used to register in the forum, so pls check those…


I’d Like to give it a shot.

Thanks For the Offer.


just came back fr a trip n checked my email, got it! Thanx Melih.

I frequently connect to school and unversity (++) wireless networks, so I would love to test it :slight_smile: (:LOV)

why not, I’ll give it a try.

I submitted a request to be added to this but don’t seem to have received an email confirming it. Please email it to one of my other accounts - Eric@cento.org.uk

Check your email Eric.

Ewen :slight_smile:

How do I send out an invitation?? (:NRD)