A new service to secure the wireless world

What is TrustConnect?:

When you connect on wireless LANs, all your information travels thru these wireless LANs that you don’t know anything about. As you connect to Internet in a hotel or coffe shop, you could be helping the fraudster by pushing your information and your details thru these “Insecure/UnTrusted Channels”. TrustConnect enables you to connect to TrustConnect Servers securely and from then on TrustConnect is your channel for internet. No matter if you have insecure or untrusted wireless connection, because all your data is encrypted all the way from your PC to the internet. Hackers, fraudsters who control these insecure/untrusted wireless LAN can’t access your data!

Who is it for?:

Road-Warriors, or Coffee shop lovers, anyone and everyone who connects to a wireless device without actually having physical access to that wireless device. Or you are connecting to your University LAN and you don’t know who has access to your data, or you are using public LAN (Wireless or not) etc etc.

The point is: to reach to internet you have to go thru “Devices” and often you don’t know who these devices belong to and yet you connect and collect your emails etc thru these devices, basically you are giving all your information thru these devices and you don’t have a clue about who might have access to them or not. Its like asking a total stranger to go to an ATM machine and withdraw money for you! You have to give them your credit card and PIN… (no no, of course you shouldn’t do that :slight_smile: ).

We are now running invitation only service. So if you want an invitation to use this service, pls respond to this post, and then I will send you an invitation by sending your a Personal Message. Each person can then invite 5 other people.

At the moment there is no charge, however this service does cost us money and at some stage we will charge for it. The idea is to charge the heavy users while offer it for free to light users (don’t hold me to it though as its early days).

thank you


I’d be delighted to try out such a product.

How is this different from VPN access?

i want try this service!!! (L)

can you send me an invitation?? i still waiting…

Yes please, I would like to test it to!

This sounds like a good solution for the traveler who doesn’t want the hassle and overhead of learning/implementing a secure encrypted tunnel.
Want to log into your non SSL mail or forum account from a “remote” location without giving the store away to the guy in the room next door running a sniffer? This could be the cure.

Its pretty much a VPN, however, we are the end point for you! in a traditional VPN you need to have an end point and someone at the end point providing you access to internet. Basically we now have created a user friendly VPN for the masses.


-is TrustConnect (TC) something combining SSH and Tor?
-does TC fake my IP by an IP dat is shared by lots of different users? will this result in some users are rejected access based on IP as xperienced by some Google internet accelerator users?

Please add me to your list of those who wish to receive an invitation to try TrustConnect

Thank you.


I would like to try it.


sent the invitation to everyone requested to date…

please tell us your feedback and how we can improve this service.

can someone xplain 2 me pls :slight_smile: I’m even not sure how Tor and SSH work so if u can compare those things, i’ll b very grateful. Thanx.

Uhmm, Melih:

I feel theres lil confusin’. So I haf to request or jus respond?
if its da 1st case, can I haf 1?

first: I decrypted your message
second: I sent you an invitiation :slight_smile:


please add me to your list.

So is it same w SSH?
I’m sori if i sound silly coz Im havnt tried dis kind of service b4 (SSH, Tor…) so stil newbie.

second: I sent you an invitiation :)
urhmm, if u sent me by FedEx urgent, it probably take few days to deliver. If by private msg then I havnt received tho :)

Do u consider to conduct a test to see how much TC interfere w regular Internet activity, ie how many % slow down?
For those who really need this kind of services (banking, biz men…), they r eager to trade-off da speed w being secured.
However, there r also ppl who wanna try, xperience and show off w their peeps (“wow, ppl using this kind of service must b very important and rich!”). For ‘em, speed is quite important. After readin’ some opinions, one mite go for a less-scured but faster service.
I understand Comodo aims more at biz, banking ppl who r heavy users. However, just giv a thot.

After Comodo self-measure TC, this can create a trend to test those services besides AV, AS, FW… (so far theres no such test rite?)

Please add me to the list!


:BNC Add me to the list, I would like to try it :BNC

I drug my feet, but I would like to play, as well.

Thank you for the offer! Please let me try it (Linux).


Hi Melih,

I’d like to try it, please! Tx Chris

yes! I roadwarrior a lot, and always wonder about my “roommates”.

Please sign me up