A new product from the Spyware terminator people...what do you think?

I’ve been a Spyware terminator user for sometime now and believe it’s a great piece of software. I have recently stumbled upon another program from the same makers, are there any other members using this program and if so what do you think?

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Nice enough, but: it grants the same protection Windows will grant if run in a limited user account; and CFP’s Defense+ already does what it does --and both could conflict. However I’ve just read the linked page, so my idea about what it does is not so precise.

Japo :slight_smile:

As far as I can see : It isn’t a HIPS, so why should it conflict with Defence+ ??? The option to protect selected files and folders could be interesting :slight_smile: That is something Defence+ ( or any other HIPS ) doesn’t do :wink: Although I haven’t try the program ( yet :wink: ).

Greetz, Red.

Okay, here’s what it says about “protecting selected files”:

Actually, Defense+ does this. If you go to My Protected Files and add *.extension, it will protect all files with that extension. Add some folder, and all files in that folder will be protected. Add the famous . and you’ll be alerted before ANYTHING gets deleted.


Yes Rednose, as Ragwing says protecting files (default or custom ones) is not the only thing Defense+ does, but it’s one of them. :slight_smile: