A new install of CIS free hosed

I just rebuilt my 88 year old mother’s computer on Thursday and she got infected with something that has deleted/hidden the AV part from CIS. I couldn’t believe it!

How do I get it back? How do I find out what did it?


Are you sure you installed the AV portion? Because CIS will still do its initial malware scan even if you don’t install the AV.

From the CIS folder in your program files, run the shortcut called Uninstall or Upgrade. You can reinstall the AV module from there.

Tried to find either shortcut, but could not find one named either.

Went into the file system and ran C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\repair\cfpupdat.exe which did an update to no avail as the AntiVirus module did not activate. I still only see Summary, Firewall, Defense+ and Miscellaneous as the icons at the top.



Go to Control Panel then;
-Add/Remove Programs (in XP)
-Programs & Features (in Vista)

Then Change/Uninstall, I believe you must check the AV option (read what it says), it will then install the AV module.

Hope this helps.