A new, Free, innovative idea to make Comodo Firewall the most ergonomic of all

Dear Maker(s) of Comodo,

I have a very simple, new, innovative idea that I am going to give to you all, for free, right now, that will make Comodo Firewall the most ergonomic firewall of all.

Simply have the ‘Remember my decision always’ (or similar) checkbox, when approving for the first time, various applications trying to access the internet, automatically be already check marked by default - instead of us users having to very tediously mouse over and check that darn box a hundred times over many days for each application we use everyday when they first try to access the internet!

As far as I know, all firewalls alas make that same checkbox blank by default.

Don’t you think it would be great if the 99% of times we approve and want remembered firewall access decisions, that that box would be already checked, and the 1% of times a malicious application indeed tries to access the internet we could simply select ‘Deny’ - with even that box again, already checked? Or we could simply uncheck it that one, rare time, if need be?

Doesn’t this idea make perfect sense to you now?

Please implement it.

You’re welcome.

Thanks for your consideration,

David M. Jones - new Comodo firewall user as recommended by the excellent/exper www.TechSupportAlert.com freeware guide

Dear Mileh/Comodo,

P.S. I’m really liking Comodo firewall, everything about it is sharp and smart! -very professional appearance and interface (V)

That’s is why I wanted to try to help it with the above, if you agree?

Keep up the good work, I’m already considering seriously purchasing Comodo…

With kind regards,

David M. Jones

Dear Melih/Comodo

I have experience in using multiple different firewalls. Over the time I have come to like Sygate’s Personal Firewall because it allows you to control all system files that are requesting permisions in/out. Sadly Sygate exists no more because of larger and more competative companies to see another free firewall is great, but there is a few things it lacks, Its control for the user isnt strong enough. You also rely too much on multiple processes leave things more simple. If you have firewall software don’t press on this exe loading or that exe load keep it simple one exe is enough. The firewall is extremely good though it uses less cpu power than most, keep up the good work. I think its a great so far.


Hello David,

Thank you very much for your feedback. Perhabs a little clarification on how Comodo firewall handles the remember option may help you to understand it better.

When CPF is about to raise a popup, it calculates the risk of approval according to the connection parameters.

Since it has more than 10,000 applications in its safe applications database, if a request is safe, you will see the remember option automatically selected. If Automatically approve safe applications option is selected, CPF will not even show such type of popups, but approve them without asking.

But when there is a calculated risk, remembering may not always be good. We know some users accidentaly remembered some seriously risked popups and failed some leak tests.

Thats why remember option is only selected by default in safe popups.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for the encouraging words guys!

PS: dmjones217 how are you going to purchase Comodo firewall? :slight_smile: (Please tell us :slight_smile: )


I totally agree with Egemen. It’s way to easy to forget that the default is accept and accidently allow intrusive or dangerous programs into your system. I wasn’t aware of the database of acceptable programs, but didn’t mind the possibility of having to click the allow the accept box one time for all the programs I want to use. It’s a small price to pay for the safety.

The next version we are launching (beta is next tuesday) will have much better SafeList (acceptable programs) and we also have built a way of our users to submit us programs that they think should be allowable. So this will increase the number of safelisted applications drastically and in return will help reduce the number of popups.


next Tuesday as in 2 days? or the following Tuesday?

2 days… (fingers crossed) :slight_smile: