A new 260 gtx 4 me!!

Hey i am just wondering if i buy a nvidia 260 gtx will it run on my PC???
I heard its PCI express 2.0.
But i have 1.0.
I have got a pentium 4 HT at 3.00 GHZ.
I currently have a noy at all satisfying 8500 gt ddr2.

Whats your motherboard? power supply?
p4 cpu might be a little low for it…
To be honest best bet is to call up the provider and ask them if it will work on your pc. They will then ask you for specific information and go from there…

Some more infos

Motherboard Name Intel Augsburg D915GAG
CPU Sockets/Slots 1 LGA775
Motherboard Chipset i915G
Motherboard Size 240 mm x 240 mm
PCI-E 1.0 x16 port #2 In Use @ x16 (XFX GeForce 8500 GT Video Adapter)

I have a 450 watt SMPS power(i know 260 gtx require 500 watt,which i can afford)

Any more infos???

Get at least an 850W PSU and make sure it provides good, clean consistent 12V across all 12V outputs.

Im not sure, but does a 260 gtx need a 8 pin power connector?

Edit: it doesn’t need a 8 pin power connector. However it needs 2 6 pin power connectors.

450W power is enough for your system.
260gtx also supports PCI-e 1.0/1.1 including 2.0.

About power connector:
6pins X 2(the connector(6pins X 2) is provided with the graphic card, so you don’t need to buy anything)

Buy 250gts instead of 260gtx.
250gts is suitable for your system.

Thanks for instant replies…

Anyone uses 250 gts or 260 gtx???
Can you please comment on the performance???

Ya and also can anyone please name websites which reviews hardwares like graphic card and most importantly not biased???

Hey arjunpa!

If you want to you can compare the 2 cards your are interested in at this site, and a lot of others cards as well!


I made it easy for you :slight_smile: Here is the comparsion on the 250 and 260 cards you are interested in.

And you will find A LOT of reviews if you just scroll down to the bottom and you will se a list of websites to reviews done on this cards! I really love this site it’s so easy to use!