A myspace application

I am a bit of a complainer. Really, I am. If I don’t like something, I mean if I really hate something, I’ll speak out about it to whoever will listen.

Even though I hate it more than I could ever express, I have an account on myspace.com. I am a musician, and it’s actually a pretty useful website for bands.

They have these new myspace application, which are really nothing more than various annoying toys that people play with. They have one called “Truth box” which allows people to “anonymously” send them messages. They have several clones of it as well.

They also have these “own your friends” applications, and these are what I really hate. What do they do? Well, I have no idea what they do on the users end, I have no idea what “owning your friends means”. I haven’t installed any of the apps. But what I do know is the “own your friends” apps completely bypass the CAPTCHA, which is of course used to prevent spam, and they send you … what else, spam.

They bypass the CAPTCHA completely. Isn’t that great? Sweet huh?

Also, from the ones I have looked into, none of the applications have a privacy policy.

What I personally would like to do, but is beyond my means and beyond my knowledge, I would like to create kind of a satirical, informational application. Something like a trojan or virus or something.

Once the user installs this trojan, they will go through the process of learning and experiencing what it is like to have their computer infected with some serious malware. Maybe it could show their web browser acting up, going to strange web sites. Maybe it could show a fake BSOD. Maybe it could show their personal information being sent to some hackers or something. I think it should also provide a disclaimer or privacy policy, and should be critical of the apps that don’t. It should inform people of what they can do to prevent infections, and inform people they shouldn’t install software that doesn’t have a privacy policy.

Like I said, it’s beyond my knowledge, as I am not a developer or coder, but I just think it’s a good idea because honestly, there are a lot of really dumb, ignorant, uninformed people on there who need to learn about stuff like this.

Myspace’s developer platform is here


The ■■■■ “own your friends” applications are out of control, bypassing CAPTCHA’s and spamming people, and I’m ■■■■■■.

You can stop them by passing captcha, look at the attached image.


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