I love Comodo Firewall PRO. I think the addition of a few more features will make it both more secure and functional.

The firewall needs password protection to keep it from being shut down by people such as children. A firewall does no good if you can’t ensure that it stays on. If this is a current function, then how do I enable it?

The traffic log needs to be a bit more detailed, showing both the addresses and names of the sites visited; additionally, and very importantly, the firewall should allow a look up and backtrace of those addresses listed. These were all features available in the now-obsolete Sygate PRO.

Finally, and this feature may already be built-in, Comodo’s firewall should be able to go into a stealth mode in which the computer on which it is running is completely invisible to others on the internet. Again, this is a feature in the old Sygate firewall as well as in ZoneAlarm and a number of other firewalls.

Thank you for very great product and for your time and consideration of these suggestions.


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he love CFP that much ;D

re: Stealth Mode- i visited Steve Gibson’s GRC site and did some of the firewall tests and his

                       site reported that the Comodo Beta Firewall was completely stealthed...

i just have to say that im a novice, but i like the CFP Beta a lot...it will take a while for me

to learn all of the options, but im going to take the time to do so because it looks like it will
be one of the best FW’s avail. - and FREE!! works good and looks cool…thanks COMODO