A mistake in CIS 5.8 official user manual

I downloaded CIS 5.8 user guide from here

You can read it online here,too

From left navigation:Defense+ Tasks - Introduction\Computer Security Policy\Protected Files And Folders
Then you can see “Exceptions” under the second picture.

A simplistic example would be the imaginary file 'Accounts.ods'. You would want the Open Office Calc program to be able to modify this file as you are working on it, but you would not want it to be accessed by a potential malicious program. You would first add the spreadsheet to the 'Protected Files and Folders' area by clicking the 'Add' button then 'Browse...' to 'Accounts.ods'. Once added to 'Protected Files', you would go into 'Computer Security Policy' and create an exception for 'scalc' so that it alone could modify 'Accounts.ods'.

there introduced the detail operation to make ‘Accounts.ods’ protected.
In the “Defense+ Rules”,what should be add is scalc,not “accounts.ods” .
Pls confirm it,thanks!

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