A minor update for showing names of compressed files during the scan???

After testing CAV for the day it was released I didn’t manage to complete any of the attempts of “Scan my computer”. Every time it stucks on a folder with varius compressed files. But since during the scan it is shown only the folder that is being scanned and not the names of the compressed files I can’t figure out where it gets stuck, so I can’t report the bug :'(.
Please make a minor update for showing the name of the compressed file that is being scanned. It will help me and probably others to properly test CAV and find possible problems.

ps. I know that I should post it to the features requests but I think that a minor update could make the job, instead of waiting the next release.


Currently, there is no file name display in CAV GUI. I can give you console scanner to find the file name soon.

Ok thanks

Hey Pandlouk,

I had a similar occurence and found it was probably due to recursive zip files, but it could also have been caused by the size of the archive (it was over 100 mb). Imagine you have a zip file called z.zip which contains numerous files including another zip file called y.zip. This file, y.zip, contained numerous files including one called z.zip. I think this recursiveness was at least part of the cause of the hang. Once I unzipped everything, the CAV scan completed. I reassembled the zip filles in a far more logical manner and haven’t had a problem since.

Hope this helps.
Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. Kishork - did you mean a command line scanning tool, or just a scan monitoring console? Either one would be handy! :wink: