A minor annoyance!

Have been using CFW for over eight months now. Why does it take so long for alert windows to close after “allowing”? Thank You!

Hi ratchet

How long does it take for CFP to close an Allowed alert? Does it make any difference if the Alert is remembered or not? Thanks.

The alerts usually involve new software or re-enabling some application or updating such. This is just a wild guess, but I’ll say often over 10 seconds. Now I realize that doesn’t sound like very long, however, if in the middle of a download or installation it seems like forever. In the ideal world it would accept the Allow choice immediately. Thank You!

Hi ratchet

I agree 10 seconds is a long time & would certainly be disruptive. Can you reproduce this at will (does it always happen)? If so, when the 10 second delay is happening which process (if any) is consuming CPU? You could use the Task Manager or something like SysInternal’s Process Explorer (ideal) to check this.

Also please confirm your OS & which version of CFP you have.

kail, XP Home. Always enabled security applications: NOD32, AVG Anti-Spyware, Spy Sweeper and BOClean. I have 1G of RAM, not a memory problem. I’ll actually time it and check processes the next time Comodo goes to work!