A million thanks

To all at COMODO

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for keeping us safe and secure, with the BEST software money can’t buy (:CLP)

Although a new user of CFW, CAVS and Anti-Spam, I already feel safer whilst surfing the net and all this for NOTHING, ZILCH, ZERO.

The software you allow us to use for no monetary gain are ones which I would gladly pay for (free is nicer though ;D), and the support from the forums here is second to none.

I believe that your software can only get better and stronger, as you do something that not many (if any) other companies do…INVOLVE THE USERS IN DEVELOPEMENT.

Well done, Congratulations and a big THANK YOU, I really wish I had found you months ago.


(B) (J) (L) (R) (V) (CNY) (CWY)

Thank you Astro…

And on behalf of Comodo and our friendly Comodo Community, welcome aboard!

These products belong to us all! it belongs to the Comodo Community, built for the Comodo Community!