A Messenger like Yahoo

To provide a link between (true) users. Built in forum access like the way you can access yahoo chat through Messenger. Maybe even Comodo Mail and real time chat. I would like to have a Comodo email address. :slight_smile: Light encryption would be a good feature. You see where I’m going with this. It would be cool.


I look forward to using Comodo Lynx. BETA tester here ;D

Comodo email addresses are for staff only.

Comodo Unite?

Comodo Unite?

To be honest I had no clue that even existed (see my point). Learn something new everyday. I downloaded but no luck getting it to open and run for me Win7 x64.

How many people use Comod unite. It would be nice to have a chat room in the forums were users in the forums could talk.

Agreed, but they would have to keep a MOD in each room at all times. If not things are likely to get out of hand very quickly. Especially with people debating certain topics like the best antivirus or the best defense+ rule configuration ,etc ,etc.

It would be a great social interaction if you could keep the bot and troll factors at bay. You could also limit access by only allowing members with a minimum of 100 posts from the forum.

You have all chances to try it

Do you really mean “voice aware room(s)” by saying “talk”?
Well, I was late again with the response :slight_smile:
I have to agree with what sAyer said ( Reply #6)… and more…
Creating voice aware rooms is not a problem at all from programming point of view – easy nowadays.

Having such feature in open forum as Comodo would be “Hell broke loose” – that’s as simple as that.
I’ve tested (and participated in) basically all well known voice-aware chat Software

But anyway you have a chance. Just use any of those already available, say Skype … or whatever you prefer and then invite people you wanna talk to. What’s a problem? If they respond and willing to – have your chit-chat rooms & palls …
Talk it’s only talk… Elephant talk… :wink:


King Crimson for the win! :slight_smile:

I do see your point. If there was a special Debating room were people can debate about stuff. and a regular social room were people can just have a nice time talking about off-topic topics such as politics, sports.

Well andrei1997,

You forgot to add OffTopics like “religion” in addition to “politics” :slight_smile:
It seems to me that you never tried any of those dozens chat/talk(voice aware) Software
So just try one or two in your spare time out of curiosity.
Please read again my note about the Hell… and face it
Do you think that policies of vast majority of forums like this one do not allow discussions & even mentioning such issues were written just because… “who knows why”?

My regards