A mess in rule window returned

XP SP2+all updates, CPF - 32bit.
The background in the rule modification window in not refreshed. There are graphic lines and words left from the window below. This happened in CPF 3.0.13, disappered in version and returned back in I guess the reason is in ‘WindowBlinds 6’ program I use.
Onother thing is that I couldn’t import my configuration. No rules nor defense+ settings. The only imported rule is using 8080 port for browser in predefined firewall policies. (if it wasn’t there by default).
And annoying ‘defense+ is learning’ blocking the tray. Could it appere a bit higher or on some other part of the window?
Still it’s a great firewall, thanks.

There’s a workaround to fix the strange lines due to WB:

However, I’ve noticed that upon each reboot, the deeper options has Windows with blank data. e.g. Firewall > Advanced > Network Policy is invisible. That’s just one example. To fix it, I have to restart CFP everytime. I suspect it’s because guard32.dll (the CFP driver) loads before wbsys.dll (WindowsBlind driver), causing a strange conflict. I know about these 2 files thanks to HijackThis.

This issue has occurred on my PC in the previous CFP versions as well.