A Malware issue

So everytime i start my computer up, i get a message from Comodo saying a malicious malware has been detected. It then asks if i would like to remove the program. i click yes it says “Not all of the Malware could be removed” or something along the lines of that. Would you like to ask a geekbuddy to help? it then brings me to a website that gives me offers to buy stuff and at the top it tells me that i have a list of malware. Thankfully only one shows up, i believe its unwantedmalware@1 is this a glitch? or am i not properly securing my computer?

Also Being the idiot i am i just got comodo with my new computer and i figured out how to check what my computer has been blocking. C:/Program Files (x86)\Application Updater\Application Updater.exe is on the antivirus the defense and firewall list. I havent found any negative effects since this “malware” was found.

-Regards, guywifcomputer

The Geekbuddy screen should have a check box in the lower left corner that you can check and it should no longer show.

I think it may be a false positive. It could be an adware thingy. I found this comment on it:

Hi, my name is Laurentiu and I work for Spigot.

I am here to provide information about how to remove ApplicationUpdater.exe. Please take a look here: http://www.spigot.com/remove-application-updater.html

Please contact me from our website http://www.spigot.com/contact.html if you need more help.
Thank you.

Src: What is ApplicationUpdater.exe? .

Edit: In light of finding by JamesFrance I take back my assumption it could be “just adware”. See if uninstalling takes care of it.

Eric it doesn’t look good, see:

Thank You. I followed the steps and removed a spigot toolbar. it was not the same toolbar they showed, but i have no need for any bars, for alchohol or computers :-TU Also, it was unidentifiedmalware@1 sorry about that.

To find out if there are any more infections please follow the advice I give in How to Know If Your Computer Is Infected.