A Lot of My Pending Files?

I recently downloaded COMODO firewall pro to my vista computer. I’ve put both, security level to train with safe mode. When I download something or install something, I always find alot of items in the section “Proactive Defense” that are waiting for my reviews. Just now, when I was upgrading my graphics drivers, I got over a thousand reviews to check. So I simply select them all and move them to my own safe files. Is this Okay?

And if it continues like this, will my computer be overload of “My Own Safe Files”?

Thanks in advance!

Hiya Nopka,before you move any files from"My Pending Files" choose all and then click"Purge",this gets rid of any files that are no longer needed.You can also Purge the “safe files” list.

If you know the files are ok(from a reputable source etc) you can just remove them from the list.This does not remove them from your computer and if D+ sees any of said files being used or modified it will notify you and you can then make a rule for it, or not if your not expecting it.

Hope this helps Matty

hm so, If the file is no needed anymore, we select it and then “Purge” button, if it is consider safe, we can simply select it and then “Remove” button, right (:NRD) ? So we won’t have a unnecessary list on the list “My own safe files” :SMLR

Purge removes files from the list which are no longer on your computer. When you install something, a lot of temporary files acumulate in your pending files list. So as riggers have suggested, first always press purge. My next step is select all and press lookup. There is a chance that files which are not in your local safe list can be found in the online one. If the online lookup result page contains safe files then after pressing cancel click “no” when asked for submitting the unknown ones. It is a bug: if you click yes, the safe files wont be added to your local database. Dunno why. After doing these steps you can choose between removing them or adding manually to the “my own safe files”.

What you do with the pending files is a personal preference. This pending list is only a feature that indicates what have happened to the files on your computer.