A lot of glitches after latest update to Comodo Antivirus 10

After the latest auto-update to the new version of ComodoAntivirus 10 I have a banch of issues:

  1. It failed to auto-update properly. First - the program stopped responding, then there were some failure windows shown up and a message meaning it was unable to update. Afrer rebooting Windows it has managed to update somehow.
  2. After it sort of updated it wont start with Windows but error message instead. So I have to launch it manually.
  3. It always creates a shorcut in the certain place of the desktop. If I try to move it - no success, it respawns in the same location every time I launch CA 10 manually.
  4. I CAN NOT UNINSTALL COMODO ANTIVIRUS 10 ANYMORE. It says “Comodo Endpoint Security” failed and sort like that. Please tell me if it’s only in my case or common issue??? This point makes me angry/upset the most! What can I do about that? :frowning:

Before the latest update it was working perfectly.
My system is:
Windows 7 x64
Comodo Antivirus 10 (, the latest update).

Hi Sirop,

Sorry for your trouble.
This problem is recorded already and it will be fixed in next release.
Thank you for understanding.

Kind Regards,