A look at Norton 2007


Some of us may be wondering what the 2007 symantec products will look like, and how they run, well I tested them out and am going to share with you what I experienced, and I will show some screenshots as well.

First, after installation of Norton Antivirus 2007, I immediatly noticed the newer user friendly installer, unfortunately the installation was a bit slower then the current 2006 version of Norton Antivirus.

The Norton Antivirus 2007 Beta Screenshots have been removed due to the final release of the product.

Looks good but i am still not willing to pay but my isp is offering norton av and firewall free of charge so if they update to 2007 i may use it :smiley:

Norton is very expensive and even if I could get it free (which I can) I wouldn’t take it (and haven’t). Also Symantec is offering free copies of Norton Antivirus/Internet Security 2006 (depending on which beta you are testing) to the first 50 people who submit bugs. Nice to know they are willing to give away an old product ;D

The scanning of my 100 GB Hard Disk, with only 15.9 GB used took about 45 minutes.

The scanning of my 250 Gb Hard disk, with 200 Gb used, took about 45 minutes with NOD 32… ;D

Lol that may be, but it took Norton 2006 over an hour and a half on the same system, and it took Norton Antivirus 2004 an hour and a half to scan a 40 GB hard drive that had less then 20GB used ;D. So compared to older versions, they have gotten much better.

I’m sure the new version is faster, otherwise they would loose even more customers… Norton isn’t the only slow, resource-hungry internet security software out there… Before NOD32 and CPF i had Norman Internet security… 15!!! processes was going at the same time for the AV and firewall… and i didn’t count how many Mb it was together… didn’t wan’t to know… :‘( still it failed in 18 out of 19 leaktests… :’( ??? :o :frowning: :slight_smile: :smiley: ;D

Isn’t that why we use Comodo? ;D

Yes it is… ;D
Hopefully they will get their AV program to a stable and really good program soon…
CPF is already a fantastic program…

They did it with CPF, so I am sure they can do it again, but this time with antivirus!

I know they will… :wink:

The Norton rundown. Alright , since i’m back on the forum it’s time to express my Nortonisms.

Now, all joking aside, what the unknowing people don’t know is there is MUCH better out there. There is CAV obviously, better scan less resources. I have a paid Vcom fix it utilities 6 . I have used Fix it for years over Norton and here’s why…

Fix it is only 29 dollars for an upgrade and 39 for a paid version. It will have minor upgrades for a good three years to four years per version. It also has a plethora of tools not to mention (other than CAV) the best scanning engine there is. Let me fill you in…

Fix it scans in roughly 15 to 20 minutes, full scan, very thorough hasn’t let me down in over 6 years. If you even hit a web page with a virus, it pops up immediately to tell you there is a virus on the page, you close, clear history etc…for safety, that’s it. No virus. It will spot a Java virus immediatelly on the system as well as others. I have found no other engine so fast and thorough. It has caught stuff that Norton would still be thinking about before even scanning. I have never had a virus on my system, not all due to that obviously but it helps. That is my main reason for it. The others are this…

It has virus scan, email scan, anti spyware, auto update<–very fast BTW , file undelete, recovery commander, all in one scans, jet defrag, disk clean, reg fix , reg defrag, very thorough bench tests, monitors, speed up, clean up, fix up, all in one wizard, rescue disk creation, and a hundred other things, takes VERY little system resources when running, hardly noticable. There is no free trial and I know many techs who use it. Have gotten many people to begin buying it and can’t live without it. I have not had any compatability issues at all with it, not in 6 years, not one gliche.

So if anyone would look to BUY an antivirus package, although Comodo AV is free, so no need to, but if they do, I would skip Norton and go for something that won’t hog a pc like it owns it, finds viruses faster and far cheaper, go with Fix it.



I can fill in a bad thing about Norton…
A friend of mine was going to upgrade his Norton Internet Security after a year’s subscription this summer. He called me and said that it was more expensive to upgrade it, than buying a new one…? I looked at the prices on a local store, and he was right! He even called Norton in Denmark to tell them that it was something wrong with their prices or price-policy, but they told him that nothing was wrong! It was “normal” they said… ??? :o
At least i don’t get it…


On the Symantec site an upgrade to Norton Internet Security 2006 (from a past version 2004, 2005) is $59.99 USD, where as just purchasing Norton Internet Security 2006 is $69.99 USD plus with the upgrade you get Norton System Works 2006. So I don’t see how an upgrade is more expensive. But don’t get me wrong, I still don’t like Norton/Symantec.

It was the other way around here in Sweden… (in June anyway…)

while the cost of PC itself is (a basic desktop) is around $400 (or sometimes cheaper), charging $70 a year (almost 20% of the cost of the PC) just for one aspect of security is not a scalable security architecture that would protect the world of computing!

There has to be a better way of protecting every PC for free, creating a trusted and secure PC which in turn will enable online transactions to be more trusted and enable Internet!

And it is that better way that Comodo is creating! :slight_smile:


That’s what we like to hear Melih! Since i’ve missed a few days, YOU GO MELIH! can Melih get a HOOT, HOOT?.. HOOT! HOOT!

Once my Vcom runs out, it looks like Comodo AV will be the main. As I have stated before, I paid for it so I will get my use out of it, but can’t wait to go all Comodo. And I agree Melih, there has to be a better way and Comodo will accomplish this. (:CLP)



Isn’t that why we are all here? :wink:

The thing is, most have to upgrade almost every year. Vcom gives you these minor upgrades in between for free. So 39.00 for a few year run as opposed to 69.00 every year in most cases. I still don’t like norton either… :smiley: CAV will become no.1 anyway so all this will mean nothing in the future. ;D



Lol nope doesn’t concern us, unless Symantec tries to acquire Comodo, then we wouldn’t have awesome free solutions.

What really interests me is Norton 360.

I have seen this Symantic aquiring Comodo mentioned before, please tell me there is no depth to this?