a load of things that should be added

i love CIS.
these are the things id love to see added:

1: ability for scans to be run in background without scan window open.

2: date and results of last scan displayed on summary page

3: antivirus explorer extension

4: integration of BOClean and memory firewall

5: email scanner (that adds notes to emails after scanning)

hope this helps,
keep up the good work.

scratch one. antivirus extension has been added (R)
just so people know, if it doesnt appear for you, you need to uninstall and reinstall CIS completly, updating from the beta doesnt add the explorer extention.

Hello Beardo87,

Would it be to much trouble to “split” these wishes ?
We would like to see a “one wish one post” method used on the wishboards so you can browse the wishes more easy


p.s. Check the FAQ section on the shell extension, there is an easier way :slight_smile: