A load of cow dung.

Check this out, It makes me furious.

I made this comment on the video- Quoted here… It will probaly be removed on youtube :wink:

Instead of making attacks on other firms you should show what you can do.

You’re not so clever, Sorry to burst your bubble;
While looking at the main page of CIS you can see that 2 (Coincidence?) files are awaiting your review. This shows that comodo has been in clean pc mode - (Cause you told it to) Therefor allowing all previous applications to be allowed because you told the pc that it was clear.

In simple terms - You told CIS this file was safe and then performed these tests.

Don’t buy anything from BluepointSecurity.com
Load of …Insert censored words here

What these people are doing is totally not on if you ask me :-TD.

The computer got compromised purely because of their own stupidity and the will to demean COMODO.

I think COMODO should take some legal action against those guys.

BTW thank you Kyle for posting a comment on youtube. I hope that even a handful of people will read it and realize that BluePoint aren’t as good as they think they are.

Best regards

They claim the logger was installed using default settings. Yet they show D+ in Paranoid mode, which is not the default setting, and don’t show the actual installation. So, here is a discrepancy.

They used a keylogger CIS does not know. It is what it is. All scanners struggle to keep up with detection.

Further they show D+ running in Paranoid mode suggesting the toughest of modes was bypassed. We all know that they changed D+ after the fact of installation if they really installed in default mode. We also know that a classical HIPS like D+ works to catch the installation of the software and not after the fact of installing no matter how Paranoid the settings are.

I would like to see the actual installation process and see what alerts were given permission.

It sure looks to me like they intentionally bypassed CIS and then changed the settings to make it look like it was on it’s highest level of security. I posted there strongly suggesting that scenario.

Hi Guys,

I had the opportunity to see that clip.

Well, 1st of all - I do agree with your comments here and there on that site.

My comment was hanging there for a day and few hours and was removed.
I must admit - that was most likely a correct decision.
I provided few decent arguments, but as a whole the comment tone was not appropriate … I can snap… and I did (guilty), when I see such an obvious fake with specific intention targeting less experienced users.

Basically, I think that Comodo in addition to what it’s doing should spend a bit more time for educating new users.
I know that the new video site was established and that is important, at the same time that is probably not enough.
Popularity of the sites like YouTube should not be underestimated.

Finally, repeating and stressing that I do agree and support what was said here & there I have to disagree with only one point

…They used a keylogger CIS does not know
No. That is not an argument at all.
I will restrain myself from bringing the discussion about it here since that would be clearly OffTopic.


Totally ■■■■■■■■ video.

Its obvious CIS was tampered with… Unless this guy posts a REAL video proving his settings… I don’t trust a guy like this at all.

The video is real, It would actually be more difficult to fake it.
Bulls.. Its so simple to fake, Wilders, Callendar of updates does it all the time.. talking shit and does trashy testings. And spread it to the loud mouthed users totally lacking technical knowledge. Who post the shit everywhere. There are still a whole bunch at wilders thinking that CIS only popup once vs the conflicker in proactive.. This was totally incorrect but you can't argue with idiots.

The guy is not actually lying when stating this… Its a “real” video… Just like all videos are “real” even if the stuff presented might be false/wrong. And it takes like 5 sec extra to fake a video like this so it would be a bit more difficult… But he has probably made some allow rules… 88) 88) And installed + started the keylogger BEFORE making the video. CIS by default (unless in proactive) don’t check for key logging thou… Something I strongly oppose.

But CIS should still catch the startup attempt… or the send info to an other computer attempt. or something…

Someone should ask this guy for this keylogger so we can make sure the test is properly done… Something I highly doubt… 88) 88)

Tired Of Your Antivirus Software?


yeah… Like no commercial interest in this video…

Any official response from Comodo?
How about posting a Video Response ?

N.B. I am furious too. >:(

To be honest, unless these jokers make their keylogger available and provide a PoC, it’s a waste of time even thinking about it.

I assumed the keylogger was not in the CIS database. May be that’s a wrong assumption. Did I miss something in the video that suggests they must have put it to the AV exclusions? Since it is obviously a scam video it would be a possibility. Since they are makers of an anti malware program they must have a database of test viruses so they can cherry pick one that CIS would miss…:wink:

This is not to start an off topic discussion. Just a plain question out of sheer interest.

It’s Either unknown to CIS or put in the exclusion list ← thats possible, Not certain

Either way - They obviously had the pc previously in clean pc mode for D+, That’s for certain. So they inttentionally let the keylogger through.

If there using the defualt config, i know a cuple exe’s (Rogue installers) that will get passed the defualt config and install them selfs.

Just saying. (I still think this video is a scam)