a little special personal question to Melih ;)

Hi Melih ,

first I wanted to ask in “melih`s corner”, but I didn´t know where the right place would be. .

I went around with google streetview in Clifton . It seems as if this is a nice place to live there . But I have rarely seen such a city that has so many golf courses ! :wink:

Golf courses are well known as a good place to conclude business or negotiate contracts . So my question from pure interest ! Do you like / play Golf ? :slight_smile:

Regards !


I am afraid I don’t play golf.

I play soccer, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, badminton…

yeah ok … :wink: , i love soccer too !!! And I also have several trainer licenses (C 2 ( no longer available ) , C1 and B ! But all are expired ) ! My favourite Club is Bayer 04 Leverkusen !!! ;D ;D ;D :-TU

thx for the infos melih !!! :slight_smile: :-TU

p.s. Your headquarter looks very impressive !!! :wink:

Thank you, but what really makes Comodo impressive, is the people working in the Company!

Of course, fully right !!! impressive products need impressive developers !!! :wink:

p.s. And do not forget an active community that helps to get better !!! :-TU But I know, you didn´t forget it ! :-TU :smiley:

of course…its a team work…our developers and users…unbeatable combination :wink:

That’s how it should be … !!! :-TU :wink:

And what is your favorite soccer team?

of course the best team around…Arsenal!!! :slight_smile:

Arsenal … is not bad … ! ;D ;D ;D Leverkusen wants a Player from them . ( Lucas Pérez ) !!! :-TU But unfortunately NO Champions League for both Teams this season . This must change again !!! >:-D We will see … :wink:

Remember me when Arsenal plays against Tottenham (Melih vs w-e-v) ;D