Hi all, well, i’m building my first pc, have done so for others and know how so no need to go lightly here. Even on Newegg, most reviews are terrible for mobos. I found the AMD Athlon 64 venice Processor for 69.00. Yes I have to go cheap. Mobo from 60-150.00 please. I want at least 2 gig support, <if need be, 1gig> Decent ram sticks >ddr 184 pin fine, would have to go w\mobo though so i’ll get the mobo in place first. Cases, not too worried although some pointers would be good as to where. I want two good DVD R+- writes of course, thinking liteon, don’t know. Hard drive variable although if MB has Sata, preferably 2, and 4 Pata, would be great. USB can go with at least 4-8 port, at least 3-4 PCI, PCI X would be great as well , especially if no AGP. I used to shop newegg but boy are the ratings getting horrible and I don’t know how they get 5 stars when so many bad comments. Starting to wonder? Some 5 star ratings are negative comments on many things, yikes. So , if anyone wants to help out a fellow MOD, or just help with some shopping tips, cheap but not too cheap, good parts for price, then please do so. (:WAV)



Hi Paul,

Man wish I knew how to build my own computer. Oh well.

Here is a nice Seagate 320 GB Hard Drive for under $100 :slight_smile:


Hope this helps.


Here is a deal from Newegg where you buy this AMD Athlon Processor and get a free motherboard.

Hi Justin, yes that’s one I looked at but other reviews as well with bad sound \no sound on other sites otherwise it would be awesome. many reported sound card issues as well. What a steal for sure maybe buy this and buy separate processor\mobo and build two? Oh for the record to anyone else, yes I want 939 socket AMD only, (no pentium)< lol can’t stand pentium.


Ah ok, what about the hard drive? Was that one to expensive? Or do you want a different brand?

I have bought cheap maxtors, WDs and they last me quite some time. However, I do want to use Sata drives so perhaps two Sata , two IDE, 4 cheapies. I don’t know if i’ll be running raid or not, we’ll see. I have gotten Maxtors with rebate for 29.00 and a 200 gig for 39.00 but Steve claimed them. I should march upstairs and take them, lolll. He’ll never know what happened.


lol ;D

Hey Brutha,

I do some tinkering myself, and I totally understand the budget crises involved ((I recently put a machine together for my girls, Think Johnny Cash - One Piece at a Time), Well I still need an old PCI Gfx card but it runs and runs pretty darn good)). Hard drive are themselves, in general pretty reliable aside from a very few (you see they are made by only a couple companies then re-sold to several others). My opinion is that the greatest concern should be the motherboard (you are already good there - so no real worries).

But really why I am writing is to give you a referral to my local “Big Store” ->> www.Frys.com

They have great deals (In my local paper, their ad comes out every Friday with 8 to 12 full size newspaper pages full of junk - You will love it).

Good Luck!!



A guy I know that runs the IT dept of a local bank, and builds boxes on the side has told me to stay away from Seagate drives. Based on Rossman’s comment that there a only a few mfg’rs, reselling to others (which doesn’t surprise me), I don’t know what difference it would then make, but that’s what I’ve been told. I’ve been using a WD Caviar for some time now, w/o problem (although I’ve heard a # of other complaints). I almost always shop Amazon, and I’ve gotten some killer deals there (ex: Belkin Gold UPS/Backup, normally $300+, for $50 - brand new, still sealed inside the box!)

When going w/Rebate offers, ya gotta be careful of their stipulations/time frames, etc. I’ve been burned twice (once my fault, once their fault). When it was their fault, I had to threaten FTC fraud reporting to get my rebate.

I also have a MadDogMultimedia drive http://www.mdmm.com/, with which I’ve had good results. They have a MegaSTOR 6-in-1 for $49.99 from MicroCenter (my local “big” store). It is here: Computer Parts: Shop PC Parts and Build Your Own | Micro Center Don’t know if that fits your needs, but I thought I’d throw it out there.


Hi all, I have to announce I will not be building my pc or even getting one at all due to unfortunate circumstances but I appreciated the help. If in the near future this EVER happens, I will post back here. Or you can still throw all sorts of parts in for suggestions or throw together your fantasy pc in here.


Bummer, man. I’m sorry to hear that. Me, I’m sittin’ here waitin’ for the city’s sewer crew to come out to determine if my sewer back-up is their problem or mine (they’ve been here twice in the last 12 months and said it was theirs both times). But here I sit… It’s gonna be a long night. And the baby’s fussing, too. :frowning: :‘( :’(

Yes, I of all people understand there are bigger issues than a pc build and these bigger issues are the reason I can’t do this right now but didn’t want to post my life’s issues into a few sentences.


I hope things sort out for you Paul, so you can get in to the really important stuff in your life, like building a computer… :wink: ;D J/K
I have built several computers, and they are all working fine… so far… ::slight_smile:
The last one for my 14 year old son, costed about 800$
I didn’t pay for it myself… there where a lot of contributors…
I don’t know your budget IF you can build one in a near future,
but I can tell you in general what i got for the money.
No point in going in to detail now. I just write what i remeber…
Mobo with socket AM2, 7.1 sound, Gbit lan, 2-4 SATA2 (300), 2 IDE (ATA), 1 PCI-e 16x, 2 PCI-e 1x, 2? PCI, 6-8 USB2 ports, hmmm cant remember everything, can i…? :smiley:
AMD 64 x2 3800+ (dual core)
1 Gb ram (support for 4Gb)
1 HD SATA2 Western Digital
Gforce 7600GS 256Mb Silent (passive cooling)
Miditower box
PSU 350W
I think i remembered most of it…
This was about 2 months ago, and the world of computers are changing fast… this was supposed to kepp the computer a little above the cheapest parts, and way under the most expensive parts, with a possibility to upgrade.

Hey, AOwl,

I really like your ScomodoPad! (:LOV) Two Questions:

Is it real? (as in, not just eye candy, but a real interface)

Where can I get one? ;D


Thank you Little Mac!
I have made it myself. I was going to use it in a website for my son.
Different text on the buttons of course… ;D
Is it real? Yes, in that it works in a website showing the button name in the display.
I’m gonna try to make it scroll from left to right when you push a button.
In my sig, it’s just an image.
You could get it to work in your computer if you use the buttons as shortcuts…

That’s really cool. (:CLP) Working as an interface on a computer, w/the buttons as shortcuts (I think I can see how that would work, just assigning the executable link like the target and start in of any shortcut), but would the button name show in the display?

"but would the button name show in the display? "
I really don’t know, but somebody may know how to do that…
It works on a webpage anyway… ;D
I’m gonna make a “slimmer” scomodopad for my sig, so it doesn’t take up to much room… :wink: