A little installation pecualirity

My Defence+ seems to always siletly disable itself after a couple of minutes after the first reboot after installation (It notifies the blocked and sandboxed thing at first but after a couple of minutes use it does not react to anything, not even launching a malware in front of it’s nose).

But the maybe buggy thing here is that in order to get it work I downloaded the cispremiumistall-package again in order to just try make a reinstall over an existing installation.

I do not use the antivirus part of CIS. When I launched the installer it runs like it does not see that CIS is already installed and running (the same 5.8 version). It goes throug all the steps. I select from installation options to install firewall only as I currently have.

It starts the install procedure and then it launches the CIS main window. In the notification are is not nothing about a required reboot but a mention that my antivirus databese is out of the date eventhough I didn’t even choose to insytall AV! The antivirus menu is NOT available on the top of the window.

Then I reboot and after it CIS window does have the antivirus-menu and AV works like it should. Defence+ works erraneously though, first the same questions the nothing.

Antivirus tells me that I have not done a full scan and then I make it. After rebooting Defense+ notifies about the same programs restricted and sandboxed that i just had approved with remember settings on. And antivirus tells me I have not done a full scan allthough I had just done it. Defence+ event log does not show anything pesuliar.A long story but the problem is also quite annoying.

I made a paragraph structure for an easier read. EricJH

And I didn’t mention taht after first reboot when AV is unwantedly isntalled and CIS says database is out of date when pressing the update now-button it gives this error: 0x80070001 Incorrect function

How did you install v5.8? Did you install it without first uninstalling v5.8? That’s not recommended.

Reinstalling on the old one as a repair installation was the idea of the whole operation, I know the thing about fresh istallations, but this was just to try if it vwakes defene+ alive. Instead it woke AV-component alive :slight_smile:

I made some further tests, I removed all entries from Trusted files and rebooted. D+ was alive and aked the same questions about my unknown applications agin. But then it seems to fall asleep. I even downloaded a suspicious file from a malware site list (Panda seems to be the only one in Virus total tofind anything) and cis put that on the trusted files. Maybe it is a false positive by Panda. I will try this again with some other better confirmed malware files.

Now I tested with a confirmed malware file (42% in VT). It was called setup.exe. After launching it D+ put it in the trusted files list and the only alert that was shown was the cloudav-componet that said warned about a tmp-file. Yje application could run free from restrictions. I ran Malwarebytes and it found 7 infections including several running processes. After reboot i found 8 infected objects.
In my opinion D+ should not put malware-files into the trusted files list…