A little help!

Ok I’m new here and I’ve heard only great things abou Comodo PF. The only problem is that I cannot seem to “Turn On” any of the protection protocols and I get an error saying that the “agent is not activated”.

I would really like to use this firewall but I’m not sure how to proceed. I’ve tried reinstalling several times as well as restarting and nothing seems to work. I have windows XP SP2.

Any help would be much appreciated.



Of course you only heard so many good things about Comodo Firewall cos they’ll fix anything not so good very quickly and effectively. :wink:

Your “Comodo Firewall Agent” might be disabled. Go to your Control Panel - Services and turn it back to “Automatic”.

Hope this helps cos that was what I did the first time I encountered this error message.

Thanks for the quick response, Sky. I actually do not see any “Comodo Firewall Agent” listed under the services.msc table. Is there a specific name I should be looking for?

Thanks again. I’m determined to use this firewall, at the very least to test it out.



My apology, it should be “Comodo Application Agent”.

If it helps, on W2k the service is called CmdAgent (Comodo Application Agent) and the system driver is called CmdMon (Comodo Application Engine). If when your system is booted you cannot see a process called cmdagent.exe then the agent is not starting. Check Window’s error logs.

There is no cmdagent.exe. Let my try to reinstall this firewall yet again. Hopefully, this time around it will work.

Thanks so much for the help - you’re all quite knowledgeable and quite helpful.

I will come back here if I have the problem persists.


Also, remember if you have any security apps that prevent startup changes, etc - it may be best to disable them as they can cause this error.


aj, I recommend that you un-install/install rather than just re-install CPF.

Also, CPF does not tend to like other firewalls. Ensure, CPF is the only one. There can only be one. :smiley:

It works!! Cheers everyone. It turns out that the setup file I downloaded using Firefox was not stable. So I re-downloaded the file using IE.

Everything is up and going as far as I can tell.

Just a simple question - I have 2 icons in my sys tray for Comodo PF. Thats normal right?!

Thanks agian.


That’s great. Two icons is normal, but you can disable the launchpad icon if you wish by right clicking and selecting options then unchecking start comodo launchpad on windows startup.