A little help with CAVS Please


Hope someone can shed some light on a question I have about CAVS…here goes

I have 2 HDD’s but need to set CAVS to check only 1 so was wondering how to set this in the program.

Thanks in advance


In the scan screen just choose “Scan Folders/Drives” fill in the checkbox with what you want scanned and click “Scan” if you still don’t understand then you can look at my attached screenshot.

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Many Thanks Justin

I really should have spent more time looking. (:NRD)

Got to say that COMODO is superb (only d/loaded yesterday), running F/W, AVS and Anti-Spam.

Thanks for the GREAT products and SUPERIOR support, keep up the good work (:CLP)

Coming over to your state in Feb 2007 Justin (from UK), so keep that weather nice for me. (:KWL)


Astro (B) (R)

Hi Astrowiddy,

I am glad that you like the products, be sure to tell your friends and family about them so they can use them as well!

I will try to keep the weather nice for you, where are you headed in Florida? Are you moving or just on vacation?

Hi Justin

Coming over for a 2 week vacation and will be staying with some friends in Lakeland, hoping to go over to Tampa Bay, Disney (for the kids you understand ;)) and, if all goes to plan, a trip out on an air boat in the everglades.

I came over this March with my youngest daughter and had a great time, although we were only there for 7 days, weather great, people great, food great, got bitten by some Fireants though which was something else (:AGY), also got bitten by something that was unidentifiable and still got the scar. ???



Hope you have a great time on your vacation, as for your last vacation, hopefully the fireants won’t attack you and you don’t get bitten by something to leave another scar.