a little help setting up?

I’ve been using Comodo v3 for awhile now and the popup warmings are constantly coming and are starting to grow on me…

I was wondering if theres a setup that won’t give out as much popup warnings, but an occasional some so I know the firewall is still working.

So overall, I’m just looking for a setup that won’t give me as much popups, but still some and that is still rock solid in security

(V) :-TU

What kind of pop ups? If you see a little box above the taskbar that can be turned off via Miscellaneous\Settings. If your seeing D+ pop ups then thats normal till Comodo learns all your programs. Any firewall does this and goes through a learning process. Give it a week and after you use most of your regular programs the pop ups warning should diminish.

Its just all these popups I get whenever I’m downloading/updating something. I’ve set Comodo to remember the program as safe, but I still seem to get these popups…

Hi La13,i take it these are D+ pop ups,if so you may have to make some of the .exe files in Computer Security Policy set as “Trusted Application” or as “Installer or Updater”.Give this a try and see what works best,try trusted first if you know its sound.


Riggers, yes, they are D+ pop ups.

I was wondering what if I just change the D+ to training mode. Would that still be safe? The firewall would be set at Custom Policy Mode.

I never get pop ups while downloading something. Only at first when I downloaded with FDM. Then I clicked trusted and no more pop ups. The only time I get pop ups is when I install something new.