A little help pls~

Ok, really desperate since i search the forums and didt find any problems tat is similar to mine~
Sry if there is similar problem posted by some1 else and i happen to missed it.

So this is wat happen.
There is this website which i download files.
apparently, b4 i installed this firewall, it was running perfectly.
I am using mozilla firefox.
Everytime i download one file, it loads with no problem.
After installing COMODO firewall.
There has been problems loading the download page.
And it is very frustrating for me~!

And i went to edit settings in COMODO firewall.
Guess i messed up quite a bit~
I was allowing everything…
But it didnt help…

Any advice or help here?
For yr info, i did uninstall COMODO firewall~
But problems still occurs.
So i was wondering did COMODO firewall changed some of the system files
or wateva file and didnt change it back upon uninstalling.
Worried here~

Cant reformat computer as it has some very important software issued by the sch.
If reformat gotta buy it from them…so help pls~
Sry if this post cause any trouble.

Hi Wumingming. Welcome.

I tested and was able to start downloading a file from that site. Here are their rules as a free member (for clarification):

• You can download up to 1 file at a time. • Your download speed limit is about 50 KB/s. • You must wait 30 seconds before downloading each file. • You can not use download managers/accelerators to resume broken downloads or to speed up your downloads.

Did you pass those requirements, especially the last 2? I noticed it uses a counter system to allow downloading, which means you want to ensure that Firefox’s Java script is enabled.

Also, I would check both the Firewall and Defense+ Policy screens to see if anything was blocked on Firefox.

Comodo doesn’t have a web shield and does not interfere with web page loading or downloading.

After click download, it will bring us to a countdown timer~
Where after 28 seconds u get to click ‘download’ button which downloads the file.

Prob is, after click download, the countdown timer page wont load~
So it will get stuck there showing blank page.

I am aware of the rules.
I have an account.
Of course i had javascript enabled.

So if it is not COMODO’s prob, i wonder wat is causing this…

Try clearing the browser cache the cookies on that site if you have any. Does IE or another browser work? Are you able to download from other sites?