A List Of Anti-Adware/Malware/Spyware/Virus/Trojan Programs & Cleaners For Same.

Hello everyone. I need some advice please :-. I need a list of some “Anti_Adware/Malware/Spyware/Virus/Trojan” programs also “Malware Cleaner programs” to supliment my current security proticols. What i’m looking for are “FREE” ;D programs that don’t run in the back ground “ON DEMAND” and don’t need to be instaled “STAND ALONE” just active when I run them. I’ve done searches for these programs but the list is long :o and I’m not sure which ones are good and which ones are ■■■■ :-. If you have FIRST HAND experance with said programs please post them here. Thank you in advance to all who reply.

P.S. Remember! Update And Scan Often.

Ok so far these a ones I’ve tryed and they r what i’m looking for ON DEMAND & STAND ALONE

Dr Web Cureit
avast Cleaner
Norman Malware Cleaner
eScan MicroWorld Antivirus ToolKit

DrWebCureIt :-TU (no update function,download-scan-dump it)
PrevXCSI FREE (online scanner)

Bitdefender free (does run in the background but just kill it’s startup)
1-2-3 antispyware

You should really be fine with these

define Cleaner (:NRD) malware cleaner? junk cleaner?

don’t forget Revo uninstaller :-TU good to clean leftover junk.

No one seems to suggest ClamWin. Its a really good one, dun be misled by tests.

And regseeker, for ur registry cleaner.

i dun recommend these two: 1-2-3 antispyware and a-squared.

i dun recommend these two: 1-2-3 antispyware and a-squared.
So you recommend Clamwin but not these two ? (:NRD)

Can I ask you why? (I now 1-2-3 antispy was perhaps a bit over the edge 88))


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Second a on topic part : We forgot some : Superantispyware and Malwarebytes antimalware
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