A 'License Expires Soon' notification blocker .

Yeah yeah, I get it : License expires in X days …
No need to remind me constantly, is there :slight_smile:

Oh well …
I DID plan on re-building my system when the license expired.

Frankly :
In the year I have used it, most time has been spent disabling/excluding stuff .

Comodo provides an EXCELLENT protection; for M$'s stupid default install-policy :

Other than that, I won’t be re-installing .

Don’t use the default M$ admin-account !!
and you don’t need stupidly CPU-hogging ‘security-suites’ .
And you especially don’t need to PAY for them !!

I offer any US-jurisdiction Lawyer willing to, on my,
and/or otherM$-OS users, behalf, raise a class-action law-suit versus M$
and/or the Bill/Millenda-Foundation,
for this obvious lack of ‘Due dillinge’ …
38 cents on the Dollar !!