A Killswitch Question

Wow! It took me forever to figure out clicking my way through all this to finally see a “Post New Topic” button.
At any rate here’s my first question for anyone who has the time…

Using KillSwitch by clicking my way through the following:
Comodo-Tasks-Advanced Tasks-Watch Activity

I want to see all activity that’s taking place while a large file transfer is taking place from a machine in one room in my home to another in another room in my home.

File Transfer from Library to Living Room. Both have an idle internet connection through a router (set up in parallel).
KillSwitch opens with two Tabs: System and Network.
Seems like…
I should see System activity associated with receiving, storing, and processing; the files being transferred
and also,
Network activity associated with the file transfer between the two machines and the various system elements that have both intermittent and constant interactions with the internet.

Processes (69), Applications (3), and Services (432)

Network Connections (81)

It amazes me that my computer is constantly having so much interaction with the internet while it is just sitting there supposedly doing nothing. Do engineers try to feel important by making their creations constantly interact with the internet? But, I digress, that’s not my question. (I’d love to hear an educated response to this though.)

I want to know what to look for within KillSwitch that shows all the activity (Both System and Network) associated with receiving, storing, and processing; the files being transferred. Pretty much, all I see looks like “gobbledegook” and nothing even remotely appears to refer to file transfer between the two machines.

Thanks for your time!