A Humble Request

I requested before that when the firewall detects something and a pop up box comes up, to make it stay there until a decision is made. I’m requesting it again.

I had to let go of AtGuard on my W2K machine and installed the Comodo V2. I have a rule that says let the software BOINC do anything and yet the firewall is stopping communication between the parent projects. My computer is on 24/7 and I come and I go. Unfortunately I’m apparently not around when BOINC tries to phone home. I posted on the Firewall forum in hopes of getting an answer to resolve this.

So please, let those little pop up boxes stay there until the user make a choice.


v2’s maximum duration for alerts is 5 minutes, while v3 doesn’t appear to have a limit. e.g. I can set it to be 1912277283 seconds (31,871,288.05 minutes ~ 531,188.13 hours ~ 22,132.84 days ~ 60.64 years)