A Hips test: COMODO fails, OA pass.

I have downloaded a small hips test tool. I test COMODO and Online Armor. The results are COMODO fails and OA pass.

Environment: CIS 5.3 Proavtive security with disabled sandbox, Online Armor free with default settings, Win7 sp1 64bit with ie8

Results: four test items included

  1. Hips test: CIS fail OA pass
  2. AV Eicar test: CIS pass OA free havn’t AV
  3. Hips test: CIS fail OA pass
  4. Firewall test: CIS fial OA pass

I use COMODO for a few years and love it. I hope COMODO fix CIS on the aboved test. Win7 64bit will be more and more popular in the world. COMODO should make great efforts to improve the level of CIS protection on windows 64bit platforms

the test tool

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it’s because this file is analized online as safe by the cloud… they know it’s a security tool and not a malware … ;D 88)

If you check your Defense+ logs was this program “scanned online and found safe”?

I tested this utility, and my result is different. All tests is pass. :wink:
And yes, the program was safe in the d+ logs !

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in my computer, all tests are failed… safe program by the cloud… 88) :stuck_out_tongue:

unless i choose the paranoia D+ mode ;D

Which is why I only use the paranoid mode. :stuck_out_tongue:

My d+ mode: paranoid… ??? ;D

Yes, it’s found safe. I don’t care this in test.

comodo passes this test, it’s an old test.
if it fails on your computer it depends on the settings you use (create rules for safe files etc…)

alternatively, untick " Automatically scan unrecognized files in the cloud" which will prevent COMODO from scanning the test file in the cloud and then, as a result, the file will be sandboxed. For me, sandboxIE and COMODO firewall are more than enough to secure my machine :azn:

cheers :■■■■


Where did CIS fail?

CIS does not intercept System Shutdown Calls. That has been discussed in the past and the head developer, egemen, did not see this is as a problem where a user thought it was. The user was concerned about the situation where a malware would need a reboot to instate its self.