A Help forum for dummies

My I T knowledge is so limited, that if you check out how long it took me to find the proper place to post (and this may not be it ) you may possibly understand my frustration. I appreciate your programs as I feel there are too many out there willing to exploit people, so that they can enjoy creating havok with others and their works of frivolity to evoke a profit for themselves. I’d like to see a Help Forum for those of us that are basically computer illiterates (like myself). One that is easy to access and equally easy to use and that is able to supply correct knowledge for the subject that needs addressing. I still have an issue regarding Registry Cleaners and their purported functions as well as their legitimacy and it appears their are many out there that are able to access sources that are willing to supply credentials that suggest legitimacy, and not enough sources for confirming those very sources. Sorry if I appear to be just venting. :THNK, Thanks for the opportunity.

Hi & thank you for your post (which I think is in the proper place ;)).

As much as I understand and acknowledge your request, I also think the current forum should be able (I’m not saying it truly is able) to cover questions from novice users. No question is too dumb to be asked here (at least not if the target software help file has been considered briefly), and I think most forum helpers are able to understand from a post which knowledge level the poster possesses.

We’re here to help you, and the forum’s users will do their best to do that.



And the mods are very helpful to novice users (but not always to people like me ;)). (And if you post in the wrong place, don’t worry as the mods will move it.)

And yes, most of the users here are very helpful, even so much as that there is a bit of a competition to see who can be the first first to give advice and answers. ;D

I thank all those that think they are being helpful. I’m at an age that limits expansion of the mind but still try to comprehend.Most of my life has been conducted be on the underside of vehicles and the grease drippings have affected the thought process to some extent. I’m reasonnably new to computers and use the hunt and peck method of process to evaluate things. Most of my efforts are trial and error, and with computers this does not appear to be an adequate answer as it create more issues than it solves. The very reason I present the idea of a forum for Dummies Like myself. I still appreciate the efforts though.

Yes, I guess it would be nice to have a very simple, novice user focused forum… :THNK

And since most of you mods are so busy with this forum, I could be a mod for this forum, if we end up making a whole new forum. :wink:

what would you like to learn about, what kind of help would you like ?


Skynard here
Thanks Guy’s and gals that reponded to my inquiry, truly do appreciate it. Part of my query was in regards to the fact that it took me a substantial amount of time to figure out how to post and as to whether it was in the proper place or not. As I’m sending this in the reply section I hope once again that I’m in the proper place.
In your introductory e-mail, a possible link to a small, but step by step lesson could possibly be afforded to those of us that have limited comprehension. My granddaughters have less of a problem using the computer than I. My initial thought on gaining access to the forum was to inquire about Registry Cleaners that supposedly have accreditation from Known reliable sources, although they be bogus. In one of my other attempts to post I mentioned a specific one that created havoc on my system and I’ve not been able to resolve yet. Fortunately my system is still operable although extremely slow, but then so am I.
Thanks again people.

Here would probably be the place to post about registry cleaners: https://forums.comodo.com/diskregistryprivacy_cleaner_and_total_system_utilities-b124.0/

Hello Skynard. Sorry to hear about your troubles… Maybe this thread can help you.

I’m not trying to sell you Comodo’s services (I do not work or get paid by comodo), Though if the above is too hard for you and/or you want someone to remove the infection with little input by you than you could pay for CIS and get Comodo staff members to fix this for you with little hassle :slight_smile: You don’t have to though, You could fix it your self if you know how. I’m only suggesting this because it’s alot cheaper than Paying a Pc Tech to come to your house.

Hope this helps.

Hi Skynard,

Got to tell you that I’m a pretty experienced user and familiar with forums - and I find this one pretty difficult to get around in.

In fact, having come here with a question on a new topic, I can’t find a way to post!

So just a note to say “courage.” This is one odd forum setup and you’re doing better then I.


G’day carls2,

I think I understand where your confusion lies. Think of these forums as having three major components - MASTER BOARD, SUB-BOARD and TOPICS (POSTS)

Think of it this way;

The main page you see after you login is the master board.
It acts as a container for sub-boards devoted to particular subjects.
You cannot create a new topic (also known as a post) in the master board.

A sub-board is devoted to a particular subject.
A sub-board can contain other sub-boards or it can contain topics (also known as posts)
Some sub-boards do not allow the creation of a new topic - this is to “force” the user to create the new topic in the relevant sub-sub-board (Example : the BACKUP sub-board contains two sub-sub-boards - HELP and FAQ. Users cannot create a new topic in the BACKUP sub-board. They have to go one level deeper to the HELP sub-sub-board to create a new topic).
Where a sub-board does allow the creation of a new topic, you wil see a “NEW TOPIC” button near the top of the screen. Clicking this will create a new topic that will appear in this sub-board.

A topic is a post - not the usual terminology but that’s how it is on SMF forums.
You cannot create a TOPIC in a TOPIC - you can only reply to the existing topic.

I hope this has made things clearer.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks Ewen,

That does it. I was puzzled by the missing “new topic” entry. Am now armed and dangermous.

You’re Danger Mouse? I’ve never met a superhero before!! :slight_smile:

What it takes to master Comodo!