a hair raising thrill of a ride.

If anyone needs a bit of excitement in their lives then check this awesome beast out.
Fantastic stuff.

Nice ride :smiley:

only one of its kind in the world.
only for the brave haha.

I am totally down to ride this :slight_smile:

Anyone want to come with?


yes count me in jacob.
got to go to budapest for the pleasure though lol.

HAHA only 2 Thousand USD To go for me and another person :slight_smile:
:slight_smile: Plus the tickets to ride the ride lol


not so much for me im a bit nearer.not much but a bit.
Always meet you halfway with the ride fare haha.


To vomit to pay for fools. ;D
Determined all full of vomit around there.

Sorry folks not for me I got dizzy just watching it, maybe I’m to old or something. Looks like a thrill though. Have fun.