A good way to detect a keylogger?

My World of Warcraft account was recently hacked and I’ve run scans with the following and all have come up clean:

Hitman pro
Doctor Web

I am still paranoid to log in, though I’m puzzled because I think I would have gotten an alert from Defense+ if I had a keylogger. Are there any special ways to detect/remove keyloggers? Even though the evidence points to my computer being clean, I am just too paranoid to believe that.

Hello Riad;

Yes you would have received an alert if a keylogger was taken place; but if no alerts were made or no “defense+ events” were created then i must say it was taken out side of your computer Possibly on WOW’s Servers; or a third party server. or even Social engineering… Change your passwords every so often (Once a month possibly)

No really special ways maybe use Killswitch :smiley: :smiley: or Set Defense+ to Paranoid(Not really necessary )


Thanks for quick reply, yes my Defense+ is on paranoid, I will download and run a scan with what you mentioned, and I am almost sure this was not on my end if it wasn’t a keylogger, as I only ever log into the game itself.

Also, could you provide a link to Killswitch? Googling it yields no useful results

Hello Riadon;

It’s not a scanning program but it will tell you whats running and if something is unknown or ‘malicous’ it will send it to DACS which will be analyzed and if found bad it will terminate the process.

Someone else could have figured out your credentials and used them on a third party machine by using Social Engineering.

Please Note: This is in beta so I would urge caution
Killswitch/CCE Board: https://forums.comodo.com/comodo-cleaning-essentials-cce-killswitch-cce-b246.0/

Hope this helps


My World of Warcraft account was recently hacked
were you using cheats?? or had a easy to guess password?.

Just use “kill switch” to find the unknowns or malicious items.

When using killswitch, if not sure in something post a picture of it or post in detail

any idea when killswitch is out of beta?

any idea when killswitch is out of beta?
Good question, this will propably take some time. As the old saying goes.... It's cooking :)

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