A gentle D+

I recently tried GeSWall, and it made me think of a way to make D+ user-friendly for novices. Instead of alerting that a particular registry key or file is about to be modified, that a file is about to be created within the Windows system folder, etc., D+ should ask the user if he or she trusts the file. If the user answers yes, all requests are allowed. If the user answers no, all requests are blocked. The user can then view the D+ log to see the blocked requests and decide whether the file is malware. I, among others, can’t bear the thought of answering hundreds of pup-ups just to block requests. I want D+ to be as gentle as GeSWall. If, for instance, I should open an email attachment named greetingcard.exe, the alert should be something like:

greetingcard.exe could not be recognized. Do you trust this file?

  • Yes
  • No

Remember my answer

IMHO this GeSWall-like method of either allowing all requests or blocking all requests would save CIS users a bunch of headaches. No more wading through hundreds of pop-ups. The devs ought to base D+ on GeSWall. Be gentle on CIS users.

I have shown before comodo about GeSWall and how it works. So I don’t think that they will listen to this ask :frowning:

What I don’t understand is that… You want D+ to be like gesSall in the way that “trust\nottrust, Remember answer”
GeSWall dosen’t ever pop-up asking you a yes\no question… Only in the result of malacious behaviour.

Instead of wishing that Defense+ is more like GesSWall, Why not just use GesSWall? :stuck_out_tongue:
GesSwall is a great app, I feel just as safe using it as I do CIS. I have tried over 100 samples against geswall and has passed everytime with no user input. Another app you might like to try is Defensewall.

I think GeSWall is a great app :slight_smile:

try ver 3.9 to see if it does this for you or not :wink:

we are very interested in making it as quite as possible without comprimising security. So would love to hear your opinion when 3.9 is released pls.
thank you for your support.