A General DNS Question

I wish to know is A DNS set by your ISP any good to use.
The Reason why I ask is that my Router is set to a DNS service set by my ISP. I have used it then I thought it was not supporting me that good.

So I had Norton DNS setup on my router, then Comodo SecureDNS 2.0 then I went back to my Original setting set by my ISP, for a short time, then went back to Norton, then back to Comodo SecureDNS 2.0 which I have set at the moment.

But here is my Question which is best to use? Is it my ISP’s DNS or Norton or Comodo?

One other thing I best say, My Router has the ISP’s DNS set their permanent and with a metric of 10
So if I wish to add Norton or Comodo I add the address in as DNS 1 and metric of 5 and DNS 2 with metric of 5. But My ISP DNS address cannot be deleted so it has to be DNS 3 with metric of 10 and DNS 4 with Metric of 10 also.

So if I change to other DNS’s like Norton, Comodo or Opendns etc within My Computer under Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and use following DNS server addresses and set Norton etc as DNS 1 and 2 then press OK. I then use Norton DNS etc. But I log into my Router and Check connectivity to the Internet is shows my Connectivity to Gateway then under that Connectivity to DNS Server 1 shows my ISP DNS address and for Connectivity to DNS Server 2 and that also shows ISP DNS address.

So it’s a kind of puzzle. I did do a tracert and it shows of my ISP DNS 1 and 2 and it says 30 hops and only shows 6 destinations and No6 being by ISP DNS.

If I do one for Norton etc it shows 30 hops, but this time it shows 16 locations and No 16 being the Address of their address like Norton etc.

So what should I do and what is best to use.

Any tips will be handy to know.

So to recap at the moment I have Comodo SecureDNS 2.0 and under my router it shows that I’m connected to Comodo SecureDNS 2.0 with DNS 1 and DNS 2
And if I log into my router via telnet it shows Comodo as DNS 1 & 2 plus 3&4 as my ISP DNS.

I hope I have explained all.

So is there any help and advice for me?

Kind Regards


I use my ISP’s DNS.

I personally don’t feel that blacklisting through DNS is adequate for protecting your PC. Malware sites go up and down so quickly, they’re often down within a few hours of being put up. It’s an impossible task to try and keep up with these sites.

So what else can an external DNS offer? I don’t have any kids using my machine, so content filtering isn’t necessary.

At this point, it boils down to speed. My ISP’s DNS is closer to me than any of the servers of any third party services, so requests are in the neighborhood of 40-80ms quicker through my ISP’s DNS than any third party servers. Granted, the difference is so small that I probably will not be able to notice a difference while browsing, but since I don’t require any of the other “perks” that third party services offer, it just makes sense to me to use the DNS offered by my ISP.

Hi HeffeD

Thanks for your feedback!

I do understand where you’re coming from over DNS via ISP.

I do know my ISP is Located 25 miles from me, and the Location of the DNS from ISP is 40 miles from me. And that is run via a Cell phone Company and this Cell phone Company owns my ISP.

With my ISP DNS I get 39 - 85 ms. so with 3rd Party DNS like Norton, Comodo etc I get similar.

So after thinking I will stick to my ISP DNS. And since you explained a few things HeffeD

Thanks for the info and your help.

But I won’t change right away I will see if I get any other responses first before I revert back.

Kind Regards


O well look like I will choose my ISP DNS, since I got no feedback.

Thanks again HeffeD

Regards all