A Game from Kingsoft...Kingsoft. Yes, the one that made the Kingsoft AV & Office

Hey guys! Kingsoft just launched a game, Mission Against Terror (or MAT for short)! Looks cool. Dunno if it’s available internationally, but it’s being tested here in the Philippines. I’ve been hearing rumors it’s really good. Check it out: http://www.mat.com.ph/ (No, don’t try it without the .ph. It won’t work :P).

And yes, it’s the same Kingsoft that made Kingsoft AV and Internet Security. The same company that made Kingsoft Office 2010, and no, it’s not weird because they make alternative software solutions (see it in their site: http://www.kingsoftresearch.com/). But it makes you think which game is it an alternative for? :stuck_out_tongue: And get this, if someone registers under your name, he will get a free av and office suite licenses valid for a year!
Direct quote from the registration site:

Have a referrer, who will get $29.95 worth of Antivirus and $69.95 worth of Office (For a limited time only)

(Now this I find really weird. It’s in beta and already it’s being promoted as if it isn’t in beta. I can see posters of it in every internet cafe here in Manila :o)