this woud be right up comodo’s ally i think. as a separate app though, not as part of cfp or anything. one that is very secure. secure enough to log onto all your banking sites and also the not so secure sites. a program that could store all your personal info locally and securely and be able to fill all kinds of web forms and logins with just a click or two.

i think that would be great for just about everybody that surfs the web and would definitely fall in line with comodo’s goal’s and product line.


That sounds good to me. And I would like such a program to be portable.

i think comodo alr haf one called Comodo i-Vault ?

i vault needs a lot of work for what i’m talking about

I already have a secure form filler,the Wand built into Opera browser.With a master password set it’s extremely secure. (:WIN)