A free online file verdict service “Valkyrie” is formally released today!

yup and now we havent had much of anything.

I think they are starting to polish the products more before release now… but thats just a guess.

maybe. it would be nice if a comodo staff would update us but i know that isnt going to happen

the newest rootkit TDSS aka Alureon


Do you have a virustotal link ?


Funny! Comodo AV doesnt detect it, while Avast does:

Comodo 9320 2011.07.08 -
Avast5 5.0.677.0 2011.07.08 Win32:Alureon-AFK [Rtk]

There is already cloud detection… i passed it ASAP to AV guys


why is that funny?

Yeah, its sad that Comodo AV didnt detect it before or at least at the same time.
“funny” in a sarcastic way.

rootkit TDL4… http://www.virustotal.com/file-scan/report.html?id=43e3dcbc4f5fa5a1c8b8351e291733785b822129abfee53a7e4306d113bbdc9d-1309677802

http://v.comodo.com/Result.aspx?sha1=15F25D1EE45CDB325A02A56DC2963113F4F64445&&query=0&&filename=i.exe safe as well >:-D

what is funny is: how many people got infected using Comodo until this detection was put into Comodo, and how many people got infected using other AVs while they were adding the detection into their product :wink:


Ok, you got a point there.
I guess you always do and thats why you are exactly where you are. :-TU


Only one question… how is this possible when you have D+ and Sandbox Tech?

I believe he was using a bit of sarcastic humor. Note the :wink: he added to his post.

In other words, (and I’m sure he’ll correct me if I’m wrong) CIS users were protected before this detection was added to CAV.

I believe it was sarcasm on Melih’s part.
I think he meant, no CIS users were infected while waiting for a sig. because of the D+ Sandbox combo.


While i was typing another blah blah blah :frowning:

Thank you guys. Appreciate your explanation.
Lets see if you are correct when Melih respond. ;D

They are correct!

CIS’s protection is strong without detection capability, unlike traditional Anti Virus products :wink:


Thank you Melihfor the answers. Great product. :a0

Question: Valkyrie is still under develompent?
Any news so far?