A free online file verdict service “Valkyrie” is formally released today!

what is FLS

File Lookup Service…what CIS uses when it uses the Comodo Cloud.

will the uploader utility be integrated into cis so users can manually do cloud scanning with valkery by right clicking the files and then send them to all of comodos cloud services at once. or just add a scan function in the context menu where comodo will scan with cav plus use cloud services. have the on demand scanner be configurable as some users wont want to use the cloud services when they perform right click on demand scanning

you mean melih was being sarcastic which i know that. i posted it so that other guy would see that he doesn’t owe anyone an apology and that he shouldn’t accept the apology even if it was sarcastic. perhaps i should have told that guy directly that melih owes no one an apology but it’s whatever. i hate it when people take for granted what comodo does and they do so much of it for free

what is static and dynamic and how are they different?

is one more reliable than the other?

how does static and dynamic work?

how do these ai engines work?

do these ai engines have a bunch of rules to give them their intelligence such as if this file has a, b and c characteristics and accesses q, x and z components then the file is safe?

if so, does each ai engine have different rules to look at different aspects of files and or different file types?

also will there be something like valkery or DACS or something to investigate registry entries?

melih said that valkyrie is going to be a part of FLS the file look up service or cloud. so once they get valkyrie integrated into the FLS, we will see valkyrie in action with cis

but they still have much work to do to get valkyrie effective

Mini Valk Test

294 malware files

Signatures finds all but 96.

Upload 96 to valk, get the following results.

48 safe

39 malware

5 unknown

3 suspicious

1 never finished analyzing

Objective mini test. :-TU

A lot of safe…

Another clash…


Virus Total—27/42—Malware


Valkyrie says — “SAFE”

That Valkyrie report is from March (not sure how Valkyrie is meant to learn if it doesn’t rerun the analysis at some point). Did you give the feedback of Malware?

Valkyrie still thinks, that uTorrent is malware… I have submitted my opinion ‘SAFE’ several times, but still Analyst result is ‘NULL’ and overall result is ‘MALWARE’.
Why nobody checks files sent to Valkyrie? I know that’s beta, but you should start checking this files before you will get several milions, and then manual analysis will take ages.
Analyst result is the most important result from Valkyrie, I think. AI won’t give you better result than experienced human.


Hi Kali I already submitted the sample.


What surprises me is that I have just now uploaded the sample to valkyrie again…

Obviously, it was showing me the report of my old submission in March, so it did not scan it again, it did not offer a new scan at all…

I agree with SuvaSuresh. When I send file to Valkyrie is it checked every time, or old report for this file appears?
If Valkyrie shows old report for file, then it’s useless.
This should be solved the same way as in VirusTotal. Valkyrie should inform user, that this file has been scanned and ask him, if he wants to scan file again or view old report.


Any news?
I hope that valkyrie will have abilities to scan scripts, php files and so on.

IMO valkyrie should be used only to detect new malware, it should not be used to classify files as safe. Then it will become a great addition if integrated in CIS.

Valkyrie will never substitute an person in the av-lab, Files are only marked safe by Humans, I really doubt that this step will ever be done by software, There are many steps in analysing the behaviour of a file.

i wonder when we are going to see a new version of valkyrie its almost been 2 months since the last update.

Since Comodo announced DACS the development seems to be dead, I still remember when the forum was bombarded with new features and good news and releases almost every month.